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May 27 2016

Create Custom Business Service

In this guide, I hope to share the steps I went through to build my Business Service on E812. I hope it is useful for those interested to build their own Business Service. Step by Step procedure to create custom Business Service (BSSV). Various testing methods Security setup Check in process Notes

Mar 14 2012

Business Services Hands On (Lab Guide) from OOW 2008

Try out these hands on guides from Oracle Open World (2008) for Business Services. The first two hands on lab exercises are publisher Business services. The first one will give you an experience of calling a Business function from the Business Service, and retrieving a value. Similarly, the second hands on lab exercise will give …

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Mar 04 2012

Enable Business Services for JD Edwards Demo/Standalone

Its been long time since Chris Koloszar had given steps towards enabling and using BSSV for JD Edwards Demo Jr 9.0 or 9.0.2. I’m summarizing and setting up the following steps for E9 only. Pre-Requisite Softwares installed: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Demo 9.0 or 9.0.2 version (Working good) (Preferably SQL Server edition) JavaTM Platform, Standard Edition …

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Jan 28 2011

How to debug a BSSV deployed to the local OC4J and executed via a C BSFN

Purpose Debugging a EnterpriseOne BSSV that is deployed to the local OC4J from a C BSFN. How to debug BSSV’s deployed to the local WebSphere Express Instance is not covered. For Example: The P954001 application invokes B953002.C. B953002 then makes a call to RI_ABWebServiceProcessor. RI_ABWebServiceProcessor then makes a web service call to RI_AddressBookManager. The goal …

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