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Jul 08 2014

Adding objects from one project to another project in OMW

Hello Pals, This post may come as a surprise to many, also this post may be naive. But believe it or not this helped many individuals on a daily basis and reduced considerable amount time. I know when people start reading this may feel .. oh no, com’on this is “day 1” stuff for JDE beginners. …

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Jun 29 2014

Embed HTML, Javascript codes into Interactive Applications

From the recent releases from Oracle (9.0 and up), it has been a little difficult to embed HTML pages and/or Javascript code into Interactive applications, e.g. to Open some URL on close/load, Print the page, or just to show content from some external URL/Feed etc. It just gives the error – A Script Injection has been …

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Jun 20 2014

Copying NER in JD Edwards without changing Data Structure

As developer its trouble to copy NERs(as you don’t have one) and I know many might have a solution of their choice to overcome this problem but here is my 2 cents… Take a case of 1000 lines of code and you just need to copy them without changing data structures then follow the steps …

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Mar 03 2014

Create Sales Order using MBF [Code tips]

Creating Sales Order entries in JDE is sometimes cumbersome if you don’t know the right parameter to be mapped. Or if you don’t know the minimal fields required. There have been some developers who are not aware of the sequence of MBF’s to fire. Attached is a code dump which would create a Sales order …

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Oct 30 2013

Using Record Locking API’s [C BSFN]

Record locking is a basic functionality of an RDBMS. This is how we do it within JDE in business functions. The API’s used for the cause are JDB_FetchKeyedForUpdate JDB_SelectKeyedForUpdate JDB_FetchForUpdate JDB_UpdateCurrent As this is very simple to use, given are the parameters with comments. Download the following  files to view it in action. Record Lock API …

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