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Jul 08 2014

Adding objects from one project to another project in OMW

Hello Pals, This post may come as a surprise to many, also this post may be naive. But believe it or not this helped many individuals on a daily basis and reduced considerable amount time. I know when people start reading this may feel .. oh no, com’on this is “day 1” stuff for JDE beginners. …

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Jun 29 2014

Embed HTML, Javascript codes into Interactive Applications

From the recent releases from Oracle (9.0 and up), it has been a little difficult to embed HTML pages and/or Javascript code into Interactive applications, e.g. to Open some URL on close/load, Print the page, or just to show content from some external URL/Feed etc. It just gives the error – A Script Injection has been …

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Jun 20 2014

Copying NER in JD Edwards without changing Data Structure

As developer its trouble to copy NERs(as you don’t have one) and I know many might have a solution of their choice to overcome this problem but here is my 2 cents… Take a case of 1000 lines of code and you just need to copy them without changing data structures then follow the steps …

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Oct 30 2013

Using Record Locking API’s [C BSFN]

Record locking is a basic functionality of an RDBMS. This is how we do it within JDE in business functions. The API’s used for the cause are JDB_FetchKeyedForUpdate JDB_SelectKeyedForUpdate JDB_FetchForUpdate JDB_UpdateCurrent As this is very simple to use, given are the parameters with comments. Download the following  files to view it in action. Record Lock API …

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Jul 04 2013

What are the maximum number of columns in a JDE table?

Xe / ERP8 In releases XE and ERP 8, the maximum number of columns a table can have is 254. This is a predefined constant value. 8.9 and newer Starting with the EnterpriseOne 8.9  release and later, Table Design Aid (TDA) was enhanced to call the JDB_GetTableProperties API, which retrieves table definition related constants from …

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