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Jun 01 2011

Special Search Terms/Tags on Metalink

Dwaas Jappannertje at has put in the following good information on special search terms while using the Oracle Metalink. When searching through documents on metalink, it may be helpful to use some special search criteria by using phrases or Tags that Oracle put in the documents.    wwwww – tag identifies knowledge documents E1 – tag identifies …

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Mar 17 2011

Business function to create record in F41021 & F4111

N4101120 business funcation can be used to create records in F41021 & F4111, if you are trying to create Item without using P4101 or R4101Z1I.  The issue with this business function that it do not check for the Item Ledger if record is already present or not. It creates new record in F4111. To avoid this pass the Program ID …

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Feb 28 2011

JD Edwards ER Debugger – Conditional Breakpoint

Event Rules Debugger has been an integral part of a JD Edwards Developer’s life. Checking the code, the parameters, inspecting values etc, makes the life easy. For those who want to learn and understand Event Rules (ER) Debugger visit this Link from Oracle The JD Edwards debugger helps not just in debugging the code at run time, …

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Feb 15 2011

Create your own or View ShortCodes for JDE Fastpath

JD Edwards Fastpath is one of the biggest places where people type in program names, and there it pops up. There are lots of fastpath codes which we use, for e.g. AAI, OMW, UDC, DD, ACCT etc…! Have you imagined you can put your own FastPath short codes too! JD Edwards Fastpath references UDC codes in the UDC type Fast Path Commands …

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