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Nov 15 2011

Android App for JDE Source

We are pleased to present the Application for Android mobile platform for JDE Source. The App features the JDE Source Mobile website and updates. Please click the following link to install the app OR Scan the QR code to install

Jun 01 2011

Special Search Terms/Tags on Metalink

Dwaas Jappannertje at has put in the following good information on special search terms while using the Oracle Metalink. When searching through documents on metalink, it may be helpful to use some special search criteria by using phrases or Tags that Oracle put in the documents.    wwwww – tag identifies knowledge documents E1 – tag identifies …

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Sep 20 2010

Oracle Fusion Applications is now Official (Oracle Fusion Launched)

Oracle today unveiled Oracle Fusion Applications, the next generation of business applications. By setting the standard for application architecture, design and deployment, customers will be able to extend the value of their applications environment by using Oracle Fusion Applications components side-by-side with their existing applications portfolio. The Fusion Application suite has been discussed about for …

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Aug 02 2010

Programmer’s life (Cartoon)

Programmers carry small world with their selves. They require really small things to be happy. If they done their tasks according to specs, they will be very happy. Some times little showstoppers make them sad, and they got frustrated. And start thinking different kind of things like switching the job, how cruel the managers are, …

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May 20 2010

Hitler and the CNC Guys

A funny take on the life of a CNC consultant, and the complexities in maintaining

a JDE setup.