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Published under the license.

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  1. Harsha N K

    HI Team,

    Can you please enable me to post the questions and reply in the forum,

    thanks in advance,

  2. rosey99

    Facebook is great, but couldn’t there be a “close” button or something. The pop-up takes about 25% of the home page. . .And there is no way to get rid of it that I can see. Further, the FB pop-up will show up every single time I go to the home page. Tsk, tsk. IMHO, a bad practice.

    1. rosey99

      Never mind. Figgered it out.

  3. adardin

    step by step to install.
    – MOBILE

    1. JDEE1Tips


      Are you looking for Step by Step Install guide for BIP & Mobile ?

      If yes then let us know , we can help you !

      Best Regards

      1. adardin

        Hi, JDETips team.

        That’s right, I’m looking for step by step to install these two modules.
        Did you guys can help me.

        Is it for Standalone or Main System ?

        Thank you.

          1. adardin

            Ok, thanks JDEE1Tips team.

            Email sent.

          2. adardin

            JDEE1Tips. Team.

            Thanks a lot for the help.
            The installation was a success.

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