Jul 08 2014

Adding objects from one project to another project in OMW

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Hello Pals,

This post may come as a surprise to many, also this post may be naive. But believe it or not this helped many individuals on a daily basis and reduced considerable amount time. I know when people start reading this may feel .. oh no, com’on this is “day 1” stuff for JDE beginners. But this post is intended to people who may find this surprising with a very little piece of information  to make their life easier. ok too much of prelude …lets get into the actual post.

If you want to add multiple objects from a project say around 150 varied objects already present  in a project but wanna move them all together to a new created project. Then follow the below steps,

1) Enter into OMW, Click on Search tab at right hand side and select Category : OMW Projects and Search Type : Objects in a Project.

2) Then Click Advanced Search

3) Select all the objects of the project.


4) Click the EnterpriseOne Objects in the search screen and select the project in which you want all the objects to be added.


5) Click “Add All Objects” Button in Row Exit of OMW.


6) Click Yes to confirm to add all the objects to the project if prompted.

7) All the objects are now moved to new project as you can see below.


Note: You can select as many objects you want in the Advance Search screen at Step 3.

Published under the license.

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Adding objects from one project to another project in OMW, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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Kishore SakthiKumar

Kishore has extensive experience on Oracle products including Oracle Database, Java and of course EnterpriseOne. He has been involved in the applications side with Oracle on JD Edwards EnterprisOne AMPM (Asset Management and Project Management) module and Voucher Match Module. One of the stalwarts of the latest Tech - EnterpriseOne Gamification, AP Automation etc... Also has extensive knowledge on E1 Pages, CafeOne, One View reporting, Mobile ADF, BSSV, BI Publisher, Watchlists etc...


  1. Russ

    There is an easier way to do this – Go into OMW, highlight the Project that you want to move objects FROM, take the Row Exit to ‘Move Objects’, specify the pre-existing destination OMW Project in the header, select the items that you want to move across in the grid, click ‘OK’.

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  2. Andy falek

    Would it Move the Objects? or Copy them to the new project?

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  3. Kamalanathan A

    Hi Russ, Your solution will use to move the objects from one project to another project but not for copy, I think.

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