Jul 22 2010

Applications/Forms with ”Transaction property” ON.

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There are many standard Applications/Forms which are using standard ”Transaction property”. It is used for various important features e.g. maximum wait time before transaction get cancelled, Rollback functionality etc.

For the Transaction configuration these parameters are set in JAS.INI. List of Applications/Forms are very handy for proper configuration of these transaction parameters and maintainance of these Applications/Forms,

How can one find the Transaction Property ON/OFF?

Specifications for the Applications(FDASPECS) are stored at F98751 and Local TAM specs are stored in JDESPECTYPE_FDASPEC.

There are three major fields to fetch  the Specification of ”FORM”


e.g for  FSOBNM= ”P0411”, FSRCRDTP=”2” and FSFMNAM=”W0411K” one can observe the detail pane of BLOB information along side.

There will be one field called ”dwStyle” in that pane which is storing the information for ”transaction property”

There is also one header file called ”JDEKDCL.H” where following filed is defined.

/* Style Flags for Form */

typedef enum enumFORMWINDOWSTYLE {

WS_TRANSACTION  = 0x00000001L


Both ”dwStyle” and ” WS_transaction”  are applied for ”AND” and if that test is success then corresponding  form is having  Transaction flag ON.

dwStyle & WS_Transaction = ”TRUE” then Transaction is ON.

List of applications can be achieved as follows:

Let me know if more information is required.

Published under the license.

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Swapnil Ingale

Swapnil Ingale is a very experienced Technical Consultant in Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and has worked on quite implementations, Upgrade and other support projects. He hold a Master's Degree in computer science (M.Tech CSE) from Nirma University,Ahmedabad and very keen to share the knowledge and help others.


  1. varunw85

    Hi Swapnil,

    This post is very useful.

    Can I enable transaction property for Button Clicked of a push button event having multiple table i/o statements? I have such a requirement.

    Thanks for your help.


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    1. Deepesh M Divakaran

      Hi Varun,
      You can use the Begin Transaction, Commit/Rollback Transaction System functions within the Push button to get the Transaction boundary defined. And, yes, you have to Open/Close the Tables on which you have the i/o within the Transaction boundary.

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  2. varunw85

    Hi Deepesh Ettan,

    I noticed that the system functions that you have specified are for Batch applications and these are not applicable for interactive applications. From my end, I have enabled the Transaction property for the form, Opened the table (Table I/O) with the include in transaction property checked. Hoping that this works, please do let me know if there are any work arounds.


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