Sep 26 2014

Automated emailing of completed UBE PDF/CSV files

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This entry deals with the issue of enabling E1 to email out completed jobs PDF or CSV files.

This is currently capable via OSA or BI but requires a developers busy little fingers to get each object UBE to email the completed file out of E1.

All UBEs in E1 write a record to F9861110, so we will use this fact to scan for completed jobs that we may or may email out. (this is controlled via a separate config file)

A new UBe will read over the F9861110 every 30 minutes (scheduled job) Each F9861110 record has a unique JOBNBR, so we will store the last read JOBNBR to F00022 for the next run. Next 30 min run the jobs are selected greater than the last saved JOBNBR

F9861110 also holds the OBNM_VERS_JOBNBR_PDF file name so we can use this to cross check the config table to see if this UBE VERS and USER combination (or whatever you want) is selected for emailing. If so the attachment is retrieved on the server and send via SMTP email, if not we just read the next F986110 record

Create a simple BSFN to get the print queue address using API  GetPrintQueueDirectoryPathName (lpDS->szCommandString);

Feed this back to the UBE to concatenate the file name for attachment

The code is too long to post here so the attachment files have been added instead. Anyone wishing to gain further knowledge on this process are welcome to email/comment for assistance.

Job PDF Distribution for sharing

Object Specs (more available on request)



Published under the license.

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Automated emailing of completed UBE PDF/CSV files, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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John Danter

Keen airsoft enthusiast with over 13yrs JDE development experience


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  1. Diwakar Dwivedi

    How would you be handling the truncated version names or missing version titles due to the 30 character limitation of the job field OBNM_VERS_JOBNBR_PDF ?

    This bug is fixed only on the later versions of 9.1.

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  2. John Danter

    As long as the VERS and OBNM are no longer than 8 chars then yes this should fine

    I did this on 9.0 but so far haven’t come across an issue as all our versions are only 8 long

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  3. apndy

    can’t find the source code of B550002, Can you share it to me? thank you.

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    1. shaviz

      Could you pls share B550002 source code.

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