Jul 04 2011

Change FileNames in Table Conversion or Business View in UBE/Application

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Many a times we need to change the Business view of a Report/UBE or even Interactive Application, which requires re-validating the event rules code. Worse, if you had to change the input file name in a Table Conversion? You will have to actually re-write the whole code.

Usually, for such table conversions, what we do is write wrapper UBE’s which would rename the input file to the path/file name of the table conversion, and then trigger the TC to run. All these options take huge amount of efforts.

But now on, take out 5 mins off, and you can change the File name in a TC via the following method. You can also change the Business View or Processing Options without having to re-validate the complete event rules using this same method.

NB: You can use the Free Tool from Microsoft – XML Notepad to edit the XML Files.

  1. Do a Save Location on the object for which you need to change and save it as ZIP file (note the location where its saved)JDE Object Save Restore
    • Its usually saved in “E1pathcode\spec” folder
  2. Now, rename the UBE_R55xxxx…..PAR file to a .ZIP extension
  3. Open the .Zip file using Winzip, or using the Windows Compression utility
  4. Within it open the SPEC.Zip file.
  5. Open the RDASPEC folder within the Spec.Zip file
  6. Find the .xml File with highest size, and Edit it.
    • You may have to edit multiple XML files, as the SPEC folder has an XML file for each section/form.
  7. After making the required changes, save the file and close.
    • Winzip will ask if to update the file with the changed one.
    • Say YES.
  8. Now rename the .ZIP file back to .PAR
  9. Restore your object using this .PAR file. Viola the file name/BSVW/PO has changed.
    • You may get a AS/400 error, which can be ignored.
  10. REVALIDATE your event rules after restoring, and of course feel free to test it.

NB: From E1 tools 8.95 onwards you have an option to change the File Name in a table conversion (Metalink ID 645736.1)

Thanks to Imran Ahmed Siddiqui at a discussion on LinkedIn, where I got the idea off.

Do let know your experience and your comments of course.

Published under the license.

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Change FileNames in Table Conversion or Business View in UBE/Application, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Ramashankar


    Is there any one can send all steps for doing copy data with table input or copy data at the time using table conversion?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Sankarguru Mani

    Hi Deepesh,

    Is it possible to do the same thing in XE?

    In XE, we can not save the object in PAR files. Is there any alternate ways to changes the output file name in XE?


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    1. Deepesh M Divakaran

      Hi Sankar,

      This is applicable only from tools release 8.95 onwards. So may not be applicable in XE unless you upgrade your tools release 🙂

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  3. Sankarguru Mani

    Hi Deepesh,

    My requirement is to change the output file path to a new one? Is that possible?

    I had tried creating the new path and new mappings and had re-written all the code and also I wasn’t able to delete the original path. But when i run this TC, it is still referring to the old location. how do we change it to the new output file path?

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  4. Rameez

    Hi Deepesh,

    After doing changes as mentioned and after restoring i got too many validation errors on business view columns. Was that expected or it should not come. Could you please confirm this urgent.

    Thanks in advance.

    — Rameez

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  5. Rameez

    Hey… It worked.

    Actually if we try to replace the BSVW name manually we might end up in one or two replacement and that too manual replace would take much time.

    So, first step –> Extract the files from the zip file.
    Second step –> Use Note Pad++(Free Tool) and search the BSVW name in the entire extracted zip file
    Folder and do a replace all in one shot. There will be too many….
    Third step –> Zip back all the files in the same structure how they were before zip extraction.
    Fourth step –> Change back the format to par and restore.

    There you go ready.

    Thanks Deepesh

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