Jun 19 2009

Changing the Century for Calendar or Defaults for Effective dates

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The maximum value of Effective Thru (EFFT) date (as in some fields, like BOM Effective Date, Lot Effective Date, Etc …) the default value is 2010/12/31

Similarly, when you key in the dates like 06/20/11, the dates will automatically default to 06/20/1911, which is absurd.

Now you can change it via two data dictionary items – Century Change Year (CENTCHG) and DCYR.  Set it’s default value to 30 or 40, 50. The Effective Thru Date can be to 2030/12/31, 2040/12/31, 2050/12/31, its default value is 2010/12/31.

CENTCHG - DD Details

But make sure that You deploy to get the changes effective.

Published under the license.

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  1. Sudhakar Motade

    Hi Deepesh,

    I have one Date (i.e CWK)using this i want to get year and century and want to store both year and century in variable for further calculation

    kindly suggest

    Sudhakar Motade

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