Sep 01 2010

How JDE Logging Creates Zombies!!

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This is just a quick tip for those on JDE tools release

For the past few weeks we have had lot of fun with zombie kernels on the windows App Server. We would see zombies first thing in the morning, when there are absolutely minimum load on the server, and also when there are 100 users logged in. It would be extremely difficult to track down a process that causes Zombie kernels, as the logs will have different information at different instances..

All along I have had three new logging features enabled on the windows app server. The settings in JDE.INI in question are –


By default these are expected to have value of FALSE. With these settings enabled, you will receive messages in the log files like ‘Unterminated cache’ etc. If for troubleshooting issues you enable these flags be cautious, as they would cause Zombie call object kernels.

As soon as we disabled these flags, to remove unwanted messages from JDE logs, zombies disappeared!

We have reported this to Oracle and waiting to hear from Development.

Published under the license.

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How JDE Logging Creates Zombies!!, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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Manish Sathe is a JDEdwards CNC Analyst with experience in variety of JDE versions, OS and DB's. With about 11 years of IT industry experience, Manish is regarded as one of the intelligent CNC professionals around.


  1. nareshthallams

    Yes, thats true. There are lots of issues with and hence we decided to go with which is much stable.

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  2. Michael Clark

    We have a customer (using 9.0 w/TR that is having some Zombie process issues every time we make a FreeEnv call (it returns true, but leaves a Zombie process). Do you know if this logging Zombie issue was ever corrected, and do you have the SR that is was assigned to? It might help us to understand what Oracle had to fix in finding our what our problem is.

    Thanks Deepesh

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