Jan 02 2013

Copy a form to same/another application

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Replication of Form from one application to another, or even same application is sometimes very much needed in a development phase especially upgrade projects.

We have something called the FDA compare mode within the Form Design Aid (FDA), for the purpose.

The FDA Compare tool enables you to compare one version of an application to another. You can compare them on the application level to determine whether forms have been added, deleted, or rearranged and whether the properties have changed. You also can compare the forms in the applications to each other to see whether controls have been added, deleted, or rearranged and whether the properties have changed. Infact, you can compare two different applications as well. This feature is useful when you have made a new application by copying an existing one and then modifying it. Then, when you upgrade, you can not only compare the base application to its new counterpart, but also you can compare a custom application.

You can also use this tool to merge/copy forms from one to another.

Now how do you do it:-

  1. Created a new Application say P55TESTD, and opened it in Design (FDA)P55TEST Application
  2. Now, we are going to copy the form W01012A form of the P01012 application.  NOTE: We can not copy a form without having atleast one form in the application.
  3. We need atleast one form in an application for the FDA Compare to work (That is what Compare means). So create a sample Message Box Form, and Save it.Message Box
  4. Now, select – File – Compare Mode (alternatively press Alt+C), and then select the Target application with which you need to compare.
  5. Enter P01012 (or the application/form you need to copy)Compare Mode
  6. You can see the Form Compare Mode loading with source application and the target application.Form Compare
  7. Now, right click on the form you want to copy from P01012, and select Copy to Target ApplicationCopy to Target
  8. At this point you get the opportunity to either copy the Form properties and the Controls, or just the Properties.Copy Controls and propertiesWe can select the Copy Form Properties and Controls and proceed (click OK)
  9. Following is the screen we are presented with after the copy.Copied Form
  10. We can choose to close the Compare Mode by selecting File – Compare Mode (Alt+C) again
  11. Viola, your form has been copied to your application, with the controls, and the properties as is.

Now for those whom Copy to Target is disabled, you will have to right click on each Form Control and then select Copy to Target

The Main Caveat is that the Event rules are not copied. If you need to copy the event rules over as well, use Visual ER Compare with similar steps as above. Shall be writing an article to copy Event rules soon.

Published under the license.

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Rating: 4.0/5 (8 votes cast)
Copy a form to same/another application, 4.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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  1. Gopal

    Deepesh… I am one of the regular visitors of your thread and you are doing great service for people like me. This is what I was looking and immediately you had a write up..great..

    It seems we can not copy Power forms and it’s embedded sub forms. Is there any other option?.

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  2. Gox

    how i can copy a version another application (Interactive version)?

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    1. Deepesh M Divakaran

      You can not copy interactive version from another appl. All you need to do is to create and set the PO. There are no overrides on an Appl version.

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  3. Jayashree

    Hi Deepesh,

    As you said, I tried to copy a form from same application as a duplicate form. But copy to target is disabled and so i could not able to copy it. Please provide some more steps to copy in the same form.

    Jayashree V.

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  4. Deepak


    I have same problem while copying form in same application, “Copy to Target” option is disabled.
    If you have found any solution to this, could you please share it here !
    Thank you.


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    1. Deepesh M Divakaran

      You will have to right click on each control and select “Copy to Target”

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  5. Pooja

    Hi Deepesh,

    Can you please help me to understand what are the effects of Cloning of P4210 or modifying the same.
    What are the points to be checked if we want to add a new logic to the P4210 application.

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