Mar 03 2014

Create Sales Order using MBF [Code tips]

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Creating Sales Order entries in JDE is sometimes cumbersome if you don’t know the right parameter to be mapped. Or if you don’t know the minimal fields required. There have been some developers who are not aware of the sequence of MBF’s to fire.

Attached is a code dump which would create a Sales order into F4201 and F4211 with minimum required parameters using the Master Business Function (B4200310, B4200311, B4200312)

  1. F4211 Begin Document
  2. F4211 Edit Line
  3. F4211 End Document
  4. Clearing the cache/workfile using F4211 Delete Work File.

Hope this helps many.

Create Sales Order ER Dump

Published under the license.

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Create Sales Order using MBF [Code tips], 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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