Feb 15 2011

Create your own or View ShortCodes for JDE Fastpath

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JD Edwards Fastpath is one of the biggest places where people type in program names, and there it pops up. There are lots of fastpath codes which we use, for e.g. AAI, OMW, UDC, DD, ACCT etc…! Have you imagined you can put your own FastPath short codes too!

JD Edwards Fastpath references UDC codes in the UDC type Fast Path Commands (00/FP) for Fast Path if Task Explorer is pointing to the OneWorld tables.
If Task Explorer is pointing to the Solution Explorer tables, the system references UDC codes in UDC type ActivEra FastPath (H90/FP) instead.

You can see all the FastPath codes in these UDC’s for your reference

Create Own FastPath shortcodes

The Description 2 of the UDC denotes where the Application or Menu resides. You can get the Task ID of the application and use it if you need to open an Application from the fastpath (e.g. 3/GH9052). For Menu’s, enter the Menu Name (e.g. G5503B) in Desc2 of the UDC’s.

Add an entry into the UDC’s (H90/FP or 00/FP), and then restart EnterpriseOne; and lo, your fastpath short codes start working.

Published under the license.

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Create your own or View ShortCodes for JDE Fastpath, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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    do you have a standard checklist on how to set up a new user in JDE?

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