Aug 01 2010

E1 Application Failure Records (P95400)

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E1 Tools 8.98 has a new application – P95400. The application can record the transaction failed to see, to help customers manage the failure of the transaction.

P95400 - Application Failure Records

P95400 - Application Failure Records

If JAS is activated, JAS will detect the failure of the transaction and keep transaction data in the database, through the notification system email administrators and end-users, users on the line, you can view the saved data and can re-submit the transaction.

This program provides an opportunity to enhance the restoration of transaction data to the user prior to the submission of the transaction, or a program crashes, or slow server response, or Enterprise Server between the JAS and the reasons for the network

Data is saved in XML format in the F95400 table,  and the transaction interface to control all of the visual field and data are maintained, and the browser interface, there is no data.

Users can set up e-mail reminder when the time of failure, and then the user will receive a shortcut to point to P95400, to regain control over the same transaction over again.

Published under the license.

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E1 Application Failure Records (P95400), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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