Jul 03 2009

Set EnterpriseOne Applications to RUN on FAT CLIENT

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From E812 and subsequent versions the operating mode or application control, the majority of Applications or Interactive process can only run in the WEB.

In The table JDEOL812 / F9860, field SIANSIF defines where the application can be run, W for Web, C for Client (Windows) or B for Both.

If you want FAT CLIENT in for the app execution, you can modify this field.

The following is a DEMO E9 sql update for F9860 examples: (NB: please do not execute this statement Unless you are very sure about the application name)

This way you can run the Interactive applications on Fat client.

Published under the license.

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Set EnterpriseOne Applications to RUN on FAT CLIENT, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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Deepesh M Divakaran

Deepesh MD is more of a Gizmo Geek, and a techie.
A very experienced Technical Consultant on Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and OneWorld. As a consultant he has worked for wide range of industries, from Manufacturing, Media, Oil & gas etc. and has worked on re-engineering modules, and areas of customization.
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  1. Jim Loesel

    Great Tip! Do you have a trick to run batch versions from the web client? Thanks

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    1. Deepesh Divakaran

      Hi Jim,
      Visit the following Link & its comments. BTW, this works for DEMO.

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  2. Jim Loesel

    Nevermind. I just found this posted by another user.

    Jim Geraci
    March 5th, 2010 at 10:15 am · Reply
    The following instruction is the setup to allow for running of UBE from web interface.
    1. Start E1 Solution Explorer.

    2. Go to command prompt and type HOSTNAME to determine your local PC local host name.

    3. Go to P986115 – Row exit until the maintenance form for “Data Source Revisions”
    Change “Logical Server Name” to the local HOSTNAME.
    Change “Server Map Data Source Name” to “System Local”
    Click OK to update.

    4. Reboot. Start E1 Solution Explorer.

    5. Go to P98616 and define the DEFAULT printer with the default paper size.
    Setup DEFAULT printer via P98616 for the local HOSTNAME.
    Setup for for HOSTNAME, (local) and LOCAL. This will allow you to submit UBE from web-client.
    *PUBLIC *ALL *ALL *ALL \\corprts1\devprn1 YEOIBMT43 AV

    6. Reboot. Start E1 Solution Explorer. Start E1 Web.

    from: http://www.jdelist.com/ubb/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Number=138836&page=&view=&sb=5&o=&vc=1

    Read more: http://www.deepeshmd.com/enterpriseone/access-e9-local-webclient-any-system#ixzz0jgF7dzn2
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

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  3. nnswain

    Hi Deepesh

    i am new to enterpriseone. I would like to change a program, save the changes and want to run it to get the new output. i want the steps to perform the tasks. you are requested to help me in this regard. please let me know the URL, if it contains the steps.
    thanks in advance.


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