Jul 13 2010

EnterpriseOne Roadmap

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This was the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne roadmap presented at Collaborate 2010.

E1 RoadMap

E1 RoadMap

A mission statement for JDE was also offered that laid out the goal of offering “one enterprise solution that works with your technology infrastructure, stays current, is flexible and supports your global operations.” Oracle intends to achieve this ambitious goal by investing in five areas:

1. Improving the core JDE applications themselves.
2. Supporting technology products (database, middleware, servers and storage).
3. Upgrading BI offerings.
4. Enhancing and expanding the portfolio of other applications.
5. Building Fusion Applications in modules that can be added as needed.

Published under the license.

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  1. mandarjoshi08


    This is good piece of information.Appreciate if somebody on forum can share information on fusion applications road map. My understanding is that Fusion applications will be available in 2012.



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