Jan 19 2010

Funny JDE Standard BSFN Comments ;-)

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Documenting the code is always a big pain when it comes to developers. No wonder now-a-days there are technical writers, who only do the documentation work. Code Comments are seldom used by Technical developers, who think they can identify and understand any code in the world 😉
Anyways, I would like to empathize with the JDE Developer who’s really annoyed with commenting 😆

See the comments in standard JDE business function that best explains the purpose of the code.
E8.11- B9600430, Line 406

Found by my friend – Sham Koli

Published under the license.

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Funny JDE Standard BSFN Comments 😉, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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Deepesh M Divakaran

Deepesh MD is more of a Gizmo Geek, and a techie.
A very experienced Technical Consultant on Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and OneWorld. As a consultant he has worked for wide range of industries, from Manufacturing, Media, Oil & gas etc. and has worked on re-engineering modules, and areas of customization.
With a touch of class and understanding towards what ever he does, he is often regarded by his colleagues as the one stop answer for all Technical/Software related queries.


  1. Sham

    Mannnn. Sometimes it comes to a situation where even I feel like writing such a comment.
    But our code reviewers don’t allow.

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  2. Yura

    B9600430 is a quite powerful business function to query arbitrary JDE table.
    Also, this function does not seem to be documented on how to use it.

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