Dec 03 2009

BSFN to Get Install Path (for Import/Export)

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Most File based transactions or JDE Applications, need to have access to the Import and Export directory of the Install Path. For most Live installations, the workstations will be on Windows OS, and the servers may be either AS/400 or Linux/UNIX environments. The path’s to the environment install directory will be entirely different in each case.

Typically for an JDE EnterpriseOne Windows based Local installation will have path – “C:\Exxx\DVxxx\” or “C:\Bxxxx\PDxxxx\”,
For UNIX/Linux it may be – “/usg/filespace/exxx/dvxxx/” etc.

If you notice the above, not only the file path is different, but also the directory separator. The following C BSFN helps get the Install Path, the Separator, if its Client/Server.

I’m not sure if a similar BSFN exists in the latest versions of JDE, one thing I’m sure Oneworld XE does not have it, and that’s why the Business Function was created.

The “BuildPathFromEnvDataX” API is used to retrieve the complete install path. You can get the Import or Export directory by appending the directory separator & “import” or “export” at the end of Install path retrieved.

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