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How do you Retrofit

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First thing a technical person talks about for an upgrade is Retrofit E1 Objects. Eoneguru in his post has outlined the process for retrofitting objects.

Consider the Upgradation of Objects from E810 Version to E900 Version
Case 1:
Step 1:- First check whether the Object is copied from Base Object or Not in Object
              Librarian Table (F9860).
Step 2:- If it copied from Base Object, then compare the Layout, Sections, and Business
             Views, Event Rules and Processing Options for Base Objects from both the
Step 3:- If Both the Base Objects look same, then no need of Retrofitting.
Step 4:- If any differences between the Base Objects then compare the Base Object and
             Custom Object from E810 Version.
Step 5:- Find out the changes in E810 Custom Object when compared with E810 Base
Step 6:- Accordingly Retrofit the changes in E900 Custom Object.
Step 7:- If any Processing Options attached to the Custom Objects from both the
              Versions then Retrofit the E900 Custom Object PO with respect to E810 Custom
              Object PO.
Step 8:- Also create Interactive and Batch Versions for E900 Custom Object (i.e.
             Applications and Reports) with respect to E810 Custom Object.
Step 9:- Output of Applications and Reports should look same before and after
 Case 2:
 Step 1:- Compare E900 Custom Object with E900 Base Object.
 Step 2:- If there are lot of changes (Layout, Sections, Event Rules) in E900 Custom
              Object then make a copy of the Object (Ex: P5541051à P8841051).
Step 3:- Delete the Custom Object (P5541051) and make a copy of the E900 Base Object
Step 4:- Now compare E810 Custom and Base Objects. Find the differences and
             accordingly retrofit the changes in newly created E900 Custom Object i.e. copy
             of E900 Base Object (P41051àP5541051).

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