Jan 26 2016

JD Edwards Application Interface Services (AIS) Server

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JDE E1 Mobile ArchitectureThe future of  JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is Internet of Things (IOT) and Mobile Technology. IOT and Mobile Technology uses JD Edwards AIS Server (AIS is available from TR 9.1.4.x) to communicate with JD Edwards Data. Hope this Article will help CNC consultant to configure the AIS Server with simple steps.

Lets assume here we are installing JD Edwards AIS Server JD Edwards E920 & TR Setup and consider that Application Server which we are using is Oracle Weblogic Server 12.1.3.

Lets start configuring the AIS Server!!!

AIS Server Installation contains three major steps which is mentioned below,

  1. Download the required component
  2. Create the AIS Server using Server Manager
  3. Test the AIS Server Installation

Download the required component

AIS Software component(  can be downloaded from UpdateCenter.


Create AIS Server using Server Manager

AIS Server can be created using Server Manager as like creating JD Edwards HTML Server. Follow the below steps to create a AIS Server.

a. Upload the Software component to SM Console

Upload the downloaded AIS Software component( -AIS-Server.par) to the SM console. In the Next step we will distribute this component to JAS/HTML Server Management Agent.

IOT1b.Distribute the software component to JAS/HTML Server management Agent.

IOT2c. Create a Managed Server AIS_PS910

For deploying the AIS server component we need to create a Manged Server in Oracle Weblogic Server. In our case Weblogic Server is installed on E920ENT (Enterprise) Server.

Click on the Weblogic Sever Instance which is register with Server Manger Console

IOT3Now click on the domain(JDE_domain) where you want to create Managed Server for AIS.

IOT4Enter the required below Information to create Managed Server

Server Name : AIS_PS920 ; Listen Port : 8082 and Machine=E920ENTand click on “Create Server” buttonIOT5Once Server created, start the Managed Server using “Start Server”button.

IOT6AIS_PS920 should be in running status before creating AIS Server instance.

IOT7Now we need to create a Instance for AIS Server Instance. Click on  Create Managed Instance.

IOT8Choose EnterpriseOne Application Interface Services and click on continue

AIS ServerEnter the Information about your AIS Server

Instance Name: AIS_PS920; J2EE Container : AIS_PS920( Managed Server Which we have created in previous Step); HTTP Port : 8o83

Software Component: AIS Server component which we distributed to JAS/HTML in the previous step Agent

IOT9Enter the HTML/JAS Server information as like below for AIS server to communicate to JD Edwards and click on continue then create Instance button.

HTML Server : E920ENT; HTML Port : 8082; HTML Protocol :http; Default Role : *ALL; Default Environment : JPS920

IOT10Click on create Server and  Once server created if you got Synchronize warning click on  Synchronize button

Now AIS Server is should be up and Running as like below

IOT11Verify the Log AIS Server started successfully or not?

IOT12Click on Test connection to verify the AIS Instance

IOT14This action should be open the new tab in the browser and It should return this value from AIS Server

IOT15Now verify Our JAS Instance working fine or not ?

In our case JAS Instance is JPS920 URL : http://E920ENT:8081/jde/E1Menu.maf?. try to Login into JAS instance using user ID “JDE”

IOT13Allowed Hosts : Should be allowed for AIS Server or all server can be allowed by giving value as “*”

IOT23Now we are going to Test the AIS Server whether its working fine or not by getting Security token request from Enterprise Server via JAS Server using AIS Server. For that we are going to use SOAP UI to do this Test

We can send a json request using SOAP UI (SOAP UI can be download from here)

Note : Soap UI version 4.6 and above version is required for our test.

IOT16File > New REST Project

IOT17Enter the AIS Server Information as shown below


IOT18Select the Method as POST and add jderest at the end of AIS URL also Enter Resource as tokenrequest

IOT19bSelect Media Type as application/json

IOT20Enter the below information as shown below


SOAP9Click on Run button

IOT22Result should come like below screenshot,

IOT27We are successfully able to get the security token from JD Edwards Enterprise Server. Our AIS Server Works fine. Now we will able to use IOT client and Mobile apps to access the JD Edwards Data.

We will be explain the steps to configure JD Edwards Mobile devices and JD Edwards IOT devices in upcoming articles. Please give us your comment to improve our article to help everyone!!!

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Client

IOT3JD Edwards Mobile device


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  1. urang

    just to share, Server Name is the machine name of JAS Server not JAS Server Name, for good shake giving IP is more reliable.

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    1. JDEE1Tips


      Thanks for the comment !

      We hope you are talking about the step “Enter the required below Information to create Managed Server”

      Its not a JAS Server name , its JVM Container name !!!

      We have created a JVM container name as “AIS_DV920. Our JAS Server name is E920ENT.

      Thanks !

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