Jun 22 2010

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The Complete Reference

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E-Book – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The Complete Reference


  1. Allen Jacot
  2. Joseph E. Miller
  3. Michael Jacot
  4. John A. Stern

A very great book for CNC’s and administrators. For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne starters, this is a good book, to understand the architecture, and working of JD Edwards. The book provides some, actually very little help to developers. Most of the content is with respect to EnterpriseOne Administration.

Following are the 2 major sections in the book

  • EnterpriseOne Explained—Inside and Out
    This section gives an overview of Fusion, EnterpriseOne. Also explained are EnterpriseOne Architecture, kinds of applications, the solution explorer etc. This section features most of the Technical stuff related to E1. EnterpriseOne Architecture is one of the main subject which every consultant has to know and understand may s/he be a Functional, Technical.
  • System Administration and Troubleshooting
    As very well indicated by the section name, it deals with all the CNC related activities, i.e. JD Edwards Administration, packaging, troubleshooting, Web Portals etc. This section also gives you an overview of how to optimize your JD Edwards Installation.

NB: The E-Book provided here is only for you to check out, for its worthiness. Please Purchase and encourage the authors to write more and in turn help us all.

You may preview the book

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Rating: 3.4/5 (7 votes cast)
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The Complete Reference, 3.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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About the author

Krishna Nambiar

Krishna Nambiar is a very experienced CNC Consultant and has worked on quite implementations, and other support projects. Very keen to share and help for the goodwill of others, he is one of the Administrators of JDESource.com.
Also being a budding Photographer, and an Avid Reader, you can get to know more about him via following profiles.


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  1. nareshthallams


    I have read this book and is really a nice one to begin for any JDE CNC guy.
    But since, this one is copy righted, please do not post such Books downloaded from torrents lest you get into legal issues. Please delete this post.

    This site is really worth-full and I do not want this to get into muddy issues.


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    1. Krishna Nambiar


      Thank you for the suggestion. We have now made the link point to a Google Books URL:.


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  2. Naveen


    I am in search of coding in JDE we are working in 8.9 and i would like to learn the coding and searching some tutorial which will help me to startup.

    Please kindly help with any tutorial which will have the screen shots for creating new reports based on bussiness view.


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  3. Rachel

    I think that the book is good in JDE.
    If you want to know the ERP system, you should read it.
    Last, thanks for your contribution. It helps me so much.

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