Apr 12 2013

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 3

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JDE Tools 9.1.3Oracle has recently rolled out tools release – 9.1.3 on April 8th 2013 at the COLLABORATE 13. This is the second update to the Major 9.1 Tools release within a year (9.1 was released on 23rd April 2012).

Following are the new features added with the new upgrade.

  • New modules available are Health and Safety Incident Management and One View Reporting for Health and Safety Incident Management.
  • A new iPad application that can be installed directly onto the iPad device, will optimize the EnterpriseOne User Interface for the iPad, and provide interfaces to native device capabilities such as the camera and images.
  • A new One View feature, Watchlist, can be used as a “Manage by Exception” solution allowing users to define and monitor key data points over base EnterpriseOne applications and then easily identify and take action when data has exceeded acceptable thresholds.
  • A Composite Application Framework which enables an end user to dynamically define the multiple page layouts over an EnterpriseOne application and allow users to aggregate multiple views of web content into a single view.
  • An intuitive drop down list feature for User Defined Code entry fields that can be used as alternative to the Visual Assist (flashlight search / select dialog).
  • Transaction Change Confirmation Warnings which prompt a user when an action could result in data loss or unnecessary database updates.
  • One View Reports can now be displayed in an EnterpriseOne page, such as the first home page the user is presented with upon login.
  • One View Reports can now be launched in a single step from JD Edwards Menus, Favorites, EnterpriseOne Pages, or even from an external web application.
  • The Embedded BI Publisher reports can now be configured to dynamically select the printer for output as well as output to a combination of different printers and email addresses in a single report.
  • Additional Postscript printer types, including those which do not support a PDF to Postscript conversion on the printer itself, are supported.
  • JD Edwards iPad ApplicationA simplified process within the Server Manager tool is available for provisioning new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne instances and for cloning existing JD Edwards instances
  • Application Development Productivity Improvements including a collapsible group box option within the Forms Design Aid tool and more powerful search capabilities within the toolset.
  • Additional security controls are available for users of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Smartphone mobile applications.

This TOI (transfer of information) provides an overview of the new features and functionality delivered in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 3.  This presentation identifies the new functionality in this tools release and describes how the new functionality addresses your business needs. Click Here to Access the TOI

More information from the Collaborate 2013 releases are given at the [email protected] blog.

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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 3, 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. Alhams

    Hey ,
    Nice One , I liked , Thanks for this ,

    we hade JDE 9.1 alredy , the server in defferent location , we connect by VPN ,
    when we insttaled java 7.21 it was slow , i mean very slow but after we changed java to 6.39 it’s become very fast ,
    I likeed to shaire this with you .

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  2. Lawrence

    Where are you running 6.39. We are ruunning JRocket 1.28 on weblogic 10.3.50 on windows and tolls release 9.1 runs very slow on login.

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  3. Alhams

    Dear Lawrence

    i installed JRE 6.39 on the client devices . now

    one more thing
    how you connect to the server , if it’s local be sure to make the local IP as trust
    if you login by VPN make this
    make your connection ip (SITE ) safe
    make your local trust

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