Apr 01 2011

JD Edwards Interview Questions – Part 2

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  1. What is System code & Product Code? Mention Some…
    Ans: – System code refers to the module object belong to. Product Code refers to the module for which object is reporting. e.g. 01, 41, 42, 03B, 55-59 etc
  2. How do you find information about Object usage in One World?
    Ans: – Use Cross Reference Xref which will give all the information about the object used in how many other objects. For log – Focus on the Object and choose Row, Logging to view log details.
  3. What is the difference between One World and One World Xe?
    Ans: – One World Xe needed JAS server cause all the objects we running on FAT client. And for web we required to have a JAS server. In One World we have all objects running on web only. We can make the applications to run on fat if required.
  4. What is Software Development Life Cycle
    Ans: – This is quality process. It starts from Scope definition, Estimation, Development, Testing and Rework, Deliver and close.
  5. What is JITI? How JDE Stores Specs.
    Ans: – Just In Time Installation. It stores on the local system.
  6. What is TAM?
    Ans: – Table Access Management (TAM) The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne component that handles the storage and retrieval of use-defined data. TAM stores information, such as data dictionary definitions; application and report specifications; event rules; table definitions; business function input parameters and library information; and data structure definitions for running applications, reports, and business functions.
  7. What are Global Tables?
    Ans: – global table files: dddict.*, ddtext.* and gbltbl.* (6 files)
  8. Name the Tools Provided by JDE for developing diff objects.
    Ans: – FDA – Form Design Aid RDA – Report Design Aid TDA – Table Design Aid VDA – View Design Aid
  9. What are the different project statuses? Brief them…
    Ans: – 21 = Development; 26 = Testing; 38 = Production
  10. What is default project?
    Ans: The first time a developer uses OMW a Default Project is created. The Default Project is named after the user’s ID. All development done outside of OMW is stored in the Default Project. Default Projects can not be advanced to another status code.

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