Apr 13 2011

JD Edwards Interview Questions – Part 3

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For What objects JDE maintains .h files?
Ans :- Tables and Business Functions

What are different Roles?
Ans :- Initiator, Developer, Lead, Manager, Administrator, QA

What is the significance of project Advancement?
Ans :- To advance the projects within different environments.
Like From Development to Testing, Testing to Production, Testing to Rework, Rework to Development. The purpose of having different environments is to have individual objects & data for each set of people, like developers, who would make and break objects or programs. Another set of functional people who make and break data. Neither of this should affect the Production data/objects, which should stay and work fine.

What is the Naming Convention of objects followed by JDE?

Ans :-

Batch applications RXXXXYYY
Business functions BXXXXYYY
Named event rules NXXXXYYY
Business views VXXXXYYY
Data structures DXXXXYYY
Processing options TXXXXYYY
Interactive applications PXXXXYYY
Media objects GTXXXXYYY


What is the meaning of Project Status Code 21?

Ans :- According to JDE std codes the project is in Development.

What is a Data Structure and what are the System generated and User Defined Data Structures?

Ans :- Used to pass parameter.

System Generated Data Structures

Form Data Structures

Report Data Structures

User Generated Data Structures

Media Object Data Structures

Processing Options Data Structures

Business Function Data Structures

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