Nov 25 2011

JD Edwards Interview Questions – Part 5

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  1. What are smart field?
    Smart fields are the fields, which provide the ability to add complex and reusable calculations to the report.
    Smart field are grouped by smart field template, which is based on a particular Business view.
    Smart field glossary type is K
  2. Where are smart fields used?
    Smart fields are mainly used in tabular reports and financial reports.
    They can also be used in Group and columnar sections, but on level break footers only.
  3. What all steps needed in creation of smart fields?
    Create a DD item of glossary type K,
    Create a DSTR for the BSFN associated with smart field.
    Create Named mapping for the Data structure.
    Create a BSFN.
    Attach this BSFN at DD level  in the smart field row exit.
    Create a Smart field template through P91420 Application.
    Use this Template in Report template.
  4. What type of conversion you can do in a TC (Table conversion)?
    Data Conversion, Data Copy , Data Copy with Input table and Batch delete.
  5. How many inputs  TC can have in a Data conversion?
  6. Is it Advisable to load data coming from external systems into JDE directly?
    No, due to data integrity
  7. What facility does JDE provide to achieve this purpose?
  8. What is the standard horizontal spacing for CSV report output?
    52 Pixels
  9. How do you print text attachments in a report?
    Using Media object system functions
  10. Is it possible to print bar codes from one world reports?
    Yes , but the printers must support PostScript and PCL printer definition languages.

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  1. Satish kanth

    to qtn 10: as long you have the bar code font installed on the Server you can print barcodes in JDE and this can be printed via normal printer too.

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