Jan 22 2012

JD Edwards Interview Questions – Part 6

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  1. Do Interactive Versions need to be checked in?
    NO. You don’t need to check in an interactive version. All that an interactive version has is processing options. There are no specs like the batch version has (ER overrides, selection, seq, layout overrides etc.)
  2. Are Path Codes and Environments Same?
    No, they are different.
    A path code is a set of objects and versions. In a typical system, you will have Pristine, Development, Prototype, and Production. Each of those is a path code with its own set of objects and versions. If you take any object as an example, it exists multiple times.
    For e.g. P4210 is Sales Order Entry and in a standard system, P4210 exists in 4 path codes, or 4 sets of objects.
    An Environment is made up of a path code + Mappings. Mappings determine which Data Source to use and where to run the business logic i.e. BSFN, UBE’s etc. So in effect Environment determines which objects can use which set of data, and where it executes. So if you have an Envt – say PD900 it uses Objects from Production, and the data-source say Business Data – PD.
  3. Do the Security Changes for a user take effect immediately?
    No. The user has to sign off, and then sign in again for security changes to be in force.
    When a user signs into EnterpriseOne, certain table records are inserted into memory for quick and easy access. One of those sets of records is security. The F00950 table is read and records from the *PUBLIC, your user profile, and/or the group or user roles attached to your profile, are written into memory. These are stored for your profile to use quickly.
  4. I did a User Override in an application in PD; will it be visible in my PY environment?
    User Overrides are dependent on the Path Codes. If both your PD and PY envts use the same path code, the overrides will be visible. Else not. Additionally, Overrides are also dependent on the version, so one Object1|Version1 might have one override, while Object1|Version2 can have another.
  5. jde e1 componentsWhat are the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne components (Servers  & tools etc)
    • Databases
    • Deployment server
    • Enterprise (business logic) server
    • Web application server
    • Portal Server
    • Integration Server
    • Transaction Server
    • Performance Monitor
    • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tools and administration applications
    • Third-party tools
  6. Do server log files need to be secure?
    Yes. Log files may contain sensitive  user information (e.g. TIN/SSN, contact info), location of DB, and other specifics. There’s a catch though –  Server Manager will not be able to display the logs if security is implemented on log files.
    Also the print queue folder should be secured.
  7. What is preferable when it comes to User input for Data selection – Processing Options or Override Data selection (run-time)?
    Processing Options: because, you can limit the fields on which data selection can be done. If you give away the security for override data selection to users, they may put additional data selection, or modify the existing criterion, rendering the Report/UBE unusable.
  8. What are Vocabulary Overrides?
    Vocabulary Overrides (VO) are known as soft coding because changes can be made to individual texts/videos and reports without changing values in the Data Dictionary or having to use Screen Design Aid or Report Design Aid. They exist at the following location – Menus:13/G90, 8/G92. Fast Path: VO. Reports: 5/G9131
  9. How to preserve Vocabulary Overrides during an ESU or Upgrade ?
    • Go to GH9011/Specification Merge Selection (P98401)
    • QBE Search for appl and
    • Verify following for Location=<Deployment Server>
    • Mod Flag=C (Changed)
    • Mod Flag is updated to C when the Appl is checked in or after clicking OK in Vocabulary Overrides Application. If it is not equal to C, go back to Vocabulary Overrides Application and click OK again.
  10. Mrg Opt=1 (Merge), provided Mod Flag = C
    • Mrg Opt (merge option) is defaulted from the Merge Option column if set up in Pathcode Master, otherwise use row exit- Enable to set Mrg Opt=1
  11. Important: Mod Flag must be C and Mrg Opt must be 1 in order to preserve the VO Changes
  12. How can I  reset Vocabulary Overrides for a specific data item?
    • From Data Dictionary-Work with Data Items (P92001), there are 2 row exits – Reset FDA (UBE:R9225,Ver:XJDE0001) and Reset RDA (UBE:R9226,Ver:XJDE0001).
    • These 2 UBEs will reset the Vocabulary Overrides to the Data Dictionary Row Description & Column Title of the Selected Data Dictionary Item in all APPLs/UBEs for the Central Objects Specs specified in the Processing Option (PO).
    • Revise the Processing Option values and Data Selection for the XJDE0001 version of the UBEs before submitting them through the row exits since it does not prompt for the PO values and the DD application is hard-coded to submit version XJDE0001.
    • Run the UBEs in Proof Mode first to list all APPLs/UBEs that will be affected, then in Final mode to update the Central Object Specs. Note: The UBE must be submitted from the row exit in P92001.
    • Deploy Data Dictionary Change throughout PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne before deploying the VO changes .
    • An update package must be built for all the APPLs/UBEs listed in the 2 reports (R9225 & R9226) so as to deploy the changes.

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