Aug 03 2010

JDE and Formscape – Overview

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What is formscape?

In simple terms, formscape is a document processing tool, but what does that mean! Lets take an example, Consider a global manufacturing company which has customers in multiple countries. Every time a purchase is made, the company needs to send invoices to its customers. But each country has its own acceptable document format and layout. Take for example, US customers prefer A4 paper layout but European customers prefer letter size paper layout. Also US customers prefer email while European customers prefer their invoices to be faxed. There may also be a requirement where invoices need to be automatically emailed to customers. How do you achieve this? Isn’t it cumbersome to achieve all this in JD Edwards UBE?
This is where formscape steps in as a document processor. Formscape accepts JDE – PDF output as its input and processes it as required.

How does it work?

The first step of document presentation is the input. In  order to make formscape read the JDE output, JDE reports  are run in a queue which is continuously spooled for new  reports. Whenever a new report is fetched in the queue, a  JDE program calls a external covus program which reads  the new output file and then processes it according to the  logic written. There are two ways to decode the JDE report    in formscape i.e. JDE RT/OSA parser or the transformer      object. JDE RT/OSA parser is the preferred way to read JDE  outputs in covus Formscape.

Advantages of Formscape

Formscape has a lot of advantages over traditional document processors like a JDE UBE.

1. Formscape can print, fax, email and even save the document all for the same report. eg: An invoice can be printed for the AR personnel and emailed or faxed to the customer, all at the same time. The document can also be saved to the presenter for future reference.

2. A single large JDE UBE can be broken down in formscape and each can be individually used. e.g. A company can generate invoices through a night batch. The single JDE report can be easily broken down by customers in formscape and each customer will receive only the invoices meant for his organization. There is no manual job necessary in the entire process.

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