Jun 12 2015

Oracle Mobile Cloud Services

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Latest in the stable from Oracle is the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service provides everything you need to build out your enterprise mobile strategy using innovative, state-of-the-art tools.

OCMS-OverviewWith Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, you have a straightforward way to:

  • Consolidate your app portfolio with API-based development.
  • Choose a mobile API from the API Catalog or design your own with clean RESTful design patterns.
  • Then map it to your back-end enterprise data, or implement your own logic.
  • Cleanly separate API design and implementation to help keep app updates backward-compatible.
  • Develop fresh and modern B2E and B2C mobile apps, no matter where the data resides, using your favorite IDE.
  • Secure your apps end-to-end with enterprise-ready security patterns.
  • Understand if your mobile strategy is successful with rich mobile analytics.
  • Manage your reusable assets in a secure, centralized location.
  • Monitor performance.
  • Scale as your business grows.

Perhaps most important, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service provides you with the tools you need to develop a strategy for supporting your mobile development. You get the out-of-the-box services that every mobile app requires, plus the ability to define and implement new enterprise-ready APIs quickly and cleanly. What’s more, all API calls from your Android or iOS client applications are made via uniform REST calls, thus creating a cohesive development environment that’s easy to control and maintain.

Coming to the overview, Oracle Mobile Cloud Services claim to be Scalable, Secure, and easy to use. It provides us a set of API’s and tools, to create elegant B2E and B2C mobile applications out of the backend data source.

Essentially, a platform that enables development models driven by mobile app developers (“outside in”) and by service developers(“inside out”) simultaneously.

OMCS uses REST Api’s, to help furnish data. It also helps push notifications to your smartphone (since its a cloud model). OMCS is all Node.js
Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is based on Oracle’s proven integration software and middleware platform,  all running on top of Oracle WebLogic Server. Get to know more via the video.

Published under the license.

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  1. Suraj

    Just to add few more ponits about Oracle mobile application.
    Oracle Introduced two types of Mobile application services AIS and ADF. If the system has configured for AIS then user can only able to use pre build mobile apps provided by Oracle. User can download these JDE applications from Google or Apple store and use that. If customer is planning to create and devlope their own mobile application they have to go for ADF Mobile implementation. In case of ADF mobile service as a pre requisite system should have BSSV configured prior to configuring ADF.

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  2. Arun

    Do we have any document explaining how to configure ADF.?

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  3. Suraj

    Yes Arun in Oracle you can find the document. Check the below link it has all the detail how to install and configuare Mobile with ADF.


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