Sep 16 2009

Pop up Report/UBE after Processing

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There are many instances where we do Report Interconnects from Interactive Applications, like print the Order from an order screen, or process something from an interactive application button. But, in all those cases, the report fires on the Server, and you need to go visit the Work Submitted Jobs to check the output. Every User asks for the same convenience, if they can get the output direct on the screen without going to the WSJ.

Here is a crude way of popping up a UBE output onto the screen, without going to the Work Submitted Jobs. This makes life easy for the users.

*Note: I’ve tested this only on OneWorld XE. This is the only Live system I’ve access to as of now.

The basic logic for this is based on getting the Job number for the UBE from the Server.

To get that, we need to get hold of the logged in Environment, Server on which the UBE runs from the OCM mappings, and its corresponding Job Queue Database Path. In most cases the Database Path and the Server are same.

Following is a sample code of how it is accomplished. The Detailed ER is available for download at the end of the Article.

    CONTROL: BUTTON &Print Report
    EVENT: Button Clicked
    Get Audit Information
    CALL( UBE:R5542406 , Ver: TEST0001 )
    // Retrieve the Logged in Envt
    Get Current Environment
    // Get the OCM Mapping Server for the UBE
    Fetch UBE Mapping from OCM
    // Get the Mapping Server on which the Job Queue fires.
    F9650.Fetch Single
    // Change the DatabasePath to the above.
    F986110 DS OVERRIDE
    VA evt_LowerCaseDBServer_SRVR = ltrim(rtrim(lower([VA evt_DatabaseServerName_SRVR]),' '),' ')
    // Get the Job Queue of the Fired UBE
    Get Default Job Queue
    VA frm_ReportName_FNDFUF2 = "R5542406_TEST0001_"
    //Wait for some specified secs until the UBE is done.
    F986110.Fetch Next
    While VA evt_JobstatusOW_JOBSTS is not equal to "D,E"

          Wait x seconds
          F986110.Fetch Next 

    End While
    // Reset the DatabasePath Override.
    F986110 DS OVERRIDE
    // -------------------------
    // Retrieve and Show the PDF
    If SV Engine_Type is equal to CO WINDOWS_ENGINE

          //This is for FAT clients
          Print F986110


          //This is for HTML Engine or Thin clients.
          //Build the URL to pick up the UBE output from
          VA frm_URL = "/servlet/com.jdedwards.jas.ube?"
          Run Executable(, VA frm_URL, "UBE", , , )

    End If

Download the Detailed Event Rules of the same here
Please do write comments/vote if this helps.

Published under the license.

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Pop up Report/UBE after Processing, 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. justice

    JDE version is 9.0 and TOOL version is
    Here is the scenario,
    // Change the DatabasePath to the above.
    F986110 DS OVERRIDE
    VA evt_DatabasePath_DATP -> szDatabasepath

    The value of VA evt_DatabasePath_DATP is “JDEDB-900 Server Map”. The db owner of JDEDB-900 Server Map is SVM900.

    There are records in SVM900.F986110. But Why no records returned from the statement as below:

    VA evt_JobQueue_JOBQUE = TK Job Queue
    VA evt_CodePath_Server_PATHCD = TK Environment Name
    VA evt_UserId_USER = TK User ID
    SL DateToday = TK Date – Job Submitted
    VA evt_TimeLastUpdated_UPMT <= TK Time Job Submitted
    VA evt_LowerCaseDBServer_SRVR = TK Execution Host Name
    VA evt_WorkStationId_JOBN = TK Origination Host Name
    SL DateToday = TK Date – Last Activity
    VA frm_ReportName_FNDFUF2 <= TK Foundation – Future Use 2

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