Jul 25 2011

Shortcuts to E1 Tools

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JDERunCommandsAll developers deal with the Design Aids which enterpriseone gives us. There’s an easy way to open the Design Aids with the object you are working on, directly from your RUN menu. (to reach there go to START – RUN or press the Windows Key + R)

For all Design aids, you can use the design aid name with the text -idXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is the name of the application, object or report.

You can go through the list of commands for easy reference.   Please feel free to add in any more commands other than the ones below.

Design Aid Command Example
Form Design Aid fda -idXXXXXX   fda -idP4210
Report Design Aid rda -idXXXXXX  rda -idR43810
Table Design Aid tda -idXXXXXX  tda -idF4210
Processing Options poda -idXXXXXX  poda -idT4210A
Business View Design vdt -idXXXXXX  vdt -idV4211A
ER Debugger debugger  debugger
Business Function Build busbuild  busbuild

Do post your other tips for the benefit of all.

Published under the license.

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  1. Manish Sathe

    This is a good one! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Reddy

    Hey Deepesh , This is really good one. Thank you
    Mahendar Reddy

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  3. Paramita

    What I understand the XXXXXXX part in the command is nothing but the name of the corresponding .exe program that runs.
    For eg : in case of Forms, it is XXXXXX stands for “fda”, for report it is “rda”, for normal DSTR it is “dsform4”. You can very well follow the task manager to track the .exe file name and then figure out your new command.

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  4. Paramita

    Correction to my last post – XXXXXXX part in the command represents the name of the program (eg – P4210).
    Please consider the above method for the FIRST part of the command (eg – fda, rda).
    Sorry about the confusion !

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  5. sreeni01

    i used to do this 6 years back .. will start using again .. thanks n nice post 🙂

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