Jul 13 2010

Using Complex Database Views on EnterpriseOne

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A Database View is a subset of the database sorted and displayed in a particular way. For example, in an Invoice database, perhaps you only wish to display the Vendors stored in the database.
Database View Diagram
EnterpriseOne Views are similar in nature, where it sits on top on JD Edwards Tables, to retrieve data, or a subset of data.

With Business Views, we can join tables using Left outer, Right outer, Union, Intersect joins. One can usually join up to 5 tables in a Business View if using Simple joins. If one uses a Complex join, then number of tables is limited to 3.

What if you need to use more than 5 tables? What if you need to do some complex joins? And What if you need a column which would give you a Count of records for the group?
For e.g. if you have a need to display the number of items on Open orders and quantities shipped, with the order details, you may have to do the following SQL

SELECT sddoco, sdkcoo, sddcto, count(*), sum(sduopn)
FROM F4211
WHERE sdnxtr <=540
GROUP BY sddoco,sdkcoo,sddcto

To accomplish this in current JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Reporting, you will need to do a little more programming.

We can do this easily via Database Views. We can trick the EnterpriseOne software to use the Database views as E1 tables.

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Know more at MOS: [ID 640352.1]

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