Jul 15 2010

Would you like to have the Deployment Server on Linux?

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Linux vs WindowsTill now E1 Deployment servers could only be installed on Windows. Going open source has a lot of advantages, like no or cheaper licensing costs, better support and scalability and better ROI in the longer run. Further, Oracle is also going the Virtualization route, and has released VM Templates for almost everything. but the dependency on Windows prevents Oracle from releasing VM templates for the DS.

But then the DS is simply a file server – an easy role for Linux. It also does some compiling, and also has a DB. The MSDE/SSE dependency was solved with the inclusion of Oracle DB as a choice.

Would you like to see Linux being pushed as an option for the Deployment Server?

Do post your answers in the comment section.

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Krishna Nambiar

Krishna Nambiar is a very experienced CNC Consultant and has worked on quite implementations, and other support projects. Very keen to share and help for the goodwill of others, he is one of the Administrators of JDESource.com.
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  1. Krishna Nambiar

    I would really love to see Linux being provided as an option for DS. By itself, Windows is an highly instable system, and most of the companies are moving towards Open Source and cheaper softwares.
    The major drawback would be the User training required as most of the current breed of developers have been “born and brought up” on Windows platforms. Further, it would also mean that all the related systems will also have to be moved to Linux…
    But then, Open Source is the way to go…..

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  2. Deepesh M Divakaran

    I agree with Krishna, Open Source is the way to go. Linux’s just Stable & Robust.
    I dont think User training for Windows birds will be an issue. But, with so many Linux distributions, to choose who provides greater support will be an issue.

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  3. nareshthallams

    Will be simply to say, another major step from Oracle to get rid of Stupid Microsoft.
    We’ve already seen oracle DB being part of JDE, on dep server(E1Local).

    Just to add spice to it, internal sources in Oracle are not denying this idea either, which is a clear indication that says, we might soon see a Linux deployment server.

    Cheers Oracle

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  4. Himanshu Joshi

    It is really good choice to have DS on windows but still there are a lot oracle needs to workout for same. one more thing is that all the business functions are written in C code and VC++ compiler is mandatory for bus build.

    How can oracle get rid of dependency from Visual studio?

    If all the business functions are converted to java amd compilation can be done by some java tool and it is very much possible. Please provide your views……

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  5. Nitin

    Yes, Ofcourse . Not only DS but also ServerManager and Development Clients .

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  6. zeek

    well i wouldn’t say win as client is bad I actually prefer win client over Linux client. But as servers I use Linux because they are free and more reliable.
    I’m looking forward to linux ds

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