JDE-Source Rules & Regulations

  1. Spam of any kind will not be tolerated on the website. E.g.
    • Marketing or Promoting software or other products which does not fit in the interests of the site
      • Content/news/promotions/products related to Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne are encouraged.
    • Spam comments, or invalid comments, which do not pertain to the article or post.
  2. All Posts/Articles have to be based on Oracle or JD Edwards, or related tools.
  3. Professionals registering on the website have a choice to become Authors. (need to mail [email protected] for the purpose)
  4. First couple of posts from an author will be Published only after Review. After 2 legitimate posts, the person can publish his/her articles on their own.
  5. Articles/White papers, have to be Original, i.e. have to be written by the Author themselves
    • Any posts that are copied from other places have to accompany the original Site link, Original author and have a digital agreement for publishing where necessary.
  6. We expect all authors to have their profile page updated, so that it shows up on the respective Posts/articles. JDESource now shows the author image (G+ profile) along with the Google Search results. Visit the following link to know more

Tips & Tricks for Writing Posts/Articles

  1. Use the [download] . . . [/download] tags to protect your download links from being shown. Any text or links between these “download” tags will be shown only to Logged in users.
  2. No Download File should be greater than 200KB. Any file greater than the size will have to be uploaded to some file sharing site, and then you can use the URL here.
  3. The Toolbar provides most of the functionality you have in a Word processor software.
    Use them to do your formatting, rather doing it in MS Word, and then pasting it here.
    We have the Auto-save Feature ON.
  4. In case you need to copy down from Word, use the Paste from WORD tool bar icon to copy-paste your pre-typed article from MS Word.
    Similarly use the Paste from TEXT toolbar icon for those being copied from Notepad or so.
  5. You will need to upload your screenshots, and other files for downloads. You can do those by using the following buttons – 
  6. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Use as many screen-shots/images as possible. All Images should be either in JPG, PNG or GIF. Images in other formats will be removed off the site.
  7. Please Read the following Document on Uploading/Inserting Images.
  8. Use the button to Add CODE for the language used. Use “Plain Text” as language for pseudo-code or Event Rules (You may select any language for JDE Event Rules) e.g.
    If VA rpt_ServerJobNumber is greater than
       // Use the BSFN
       Send E-Mail - HRM
          "[email protected]" -> szFrom
  9. You can view the HTML version of the post, where you can directly edit (for those having knowledge in HTML)

How to Post an Article on JDE-Source

Visit the following link – Beginners Guide to WordPress or view the video below.


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