Apr 13 2011

JD Edwards Interview Questions – Part 3

For What objects JDE maintains .h files? Ans :- Tables and Business Functions What are different Roles? Ans :- Initiator, Developer, Lead, Manager, Administrator, QA What is the significance of project Advancement? Ans :- To advance the projects within different environments. Like From Development to Testing, Testing to Production, Testing to Rework, Rework to Development. …

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Apr 01 2011

JD Edwards Interview Questions – Part 2

What is System code & Product Code? Mention Some… Ans: – System code refers to the module object belong to. Product Code refers to the module for which object is reporting. e.g. 01, 41, 42, 03B, 55-59 etc How do you find information about Object usage in One World? Ans: – Use Cross Reference Xref …

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Mar 21 2011

JD Edwards Interview Questions – Part 1

Today on, we are going to start series of Interview questions on JD Edwards Technical for all. Many questions may be simple or of basic level, as we would like to include questions asked to the person with 1 year experience too. We will be having questions regarding technical scenarios and competencies too. Please Feel Free to correct …

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Mar 17 2011

Business function to create record in F41021 & F4111

N4101120 business funcation can be used to create records in F41021 & F4111, if you are trying to create Item without using P4101 or R4101Z1I.  The issue with this business function that it do not check for the Item Ledger if record is already present or not. It creates new record in F4111. To avoid this pass the Program ID …

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Feb 28 2011

JD Edwards ER Debugger – Conditional Breakpoint

Event Rules Debugger has been an integral part of a JD Edwards Developer’s life. Checking the code, the parameters, inspecting values etc, makes the life easy. For those who want to learn and understand Event Rules (ER) Debugger visit this Link from Oracle The JD Edwards debugger helps not just in debugging the code at run time, …

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