Sep 21 2009

Send Email with PDF Output

E-Mail the output of your UBE using this simple functionality, by retrieving your JobNumber and simple JDE setups. Uses BSFN – B0500190 (SendEMailHRM) for Xe until 8.10, or B0500725 – Email Merge Letter for other versions.

Sep 16 2009

Pop up Report/UBE after Processing

There are many instances where we do Report Interconnects from Interactive Applications, like print the Order from an order screen, or process something from an interactive application button. But, in all those cases, the report fires on the Server, and you need to go visit the Work Submitted Jobs to check the output. Every User asks for the same convenience, if they can get the output direct on the screen without going to the WSJ.

Here is a crude way of popping up a UBE output onto the screen, without going to the Work Submitted Jobs. This makes life easy for the users.

Sep 14 2009

Convert UTC Time Format to Local Date and Time format

UTC stands for Universal Time Coordinate and is a long integer containing the elapsed minutes since Midnight on January 1, 1970 in Greenwich, England. Lets try some ER which would help converting timezones, from and to. Similarly use UTC time zone and its format effectively for Multi-Location Projects/softwares.

Sep 10 2009

Using BSFN to Delete All Records from a Table

BSFN – B8000002 (Delete All Rows From Table) does a delete * from tablename. The B8000007 and the B8000002 business functions must be used together to delete all the rows in a table. They will not delete the table specifications or the physical table in the database. B8000007 must be called first to get the environment handle, with the handle only then B8000002 is able to delete all records from the specified table. B8000007 must be called again to free the handle.

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