Sep 01 2010

How JDE Logging Creates Zombies!!

This is just a quick tip for those on JDE tools release For the past few weeks we have had lot of fun with zombie kernels on the windows App Server. We would see zombies first thing in the morning, when there are absolutely minimum load on the server, and also when there are …

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Aug 09 2010

Doing Journal Entries – F0911 MBF

I’ve seen questions from many developers when they face the question of entering GL Journal Entries. Any developer who has worked on finance will have faced this issue & developed it at least once. Technical guys fret over the BSFN’s “F0911 Edit Line” or “F0911 Begin Doc”. Probably because they don’t know how simple it …

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Aug 03 2010

JDE and Formscape – Overview

What is formscape? In simple terms, formscape is a document processing tool, but what does that mean! Lets take an example, Consider a global manufacturing company which has customers in multiple countries. Every time a purchase is made, the company needs to send invoices to its customers. But each country has its own acceptable document format and …

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Aug 02 2010

Programmer’s life (Cartoon)

Programmers carry small world with their selves. They require really small things to be happy. If they done their tasks according to specs, they will be very happy. Some times little showstoppers make them sad, and they got frustrated. And start thinking different kind of things like switching the job, how cruel the managers are, …

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Aug 01 2010

E1 Application Failure Records (P95400)

E1 Tools 8.98 has a new application – P95400. The application can record the transaction failed to see, to help customers manage the failure of the transaction. If JAS is activated, JAS will detect the failure of the transaction and keep transaction data in the database, through the notification system email administrators and end-users, users …

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