Jul 30 2010

Working with the C API – Error Text Substitution

Trapping errors and providing helpful feedback are a number of those mundane tasks which the developer must, sooner rather than later, come to terms with. Proper error management and recovery remain at the heart of our programming responsibilities, and if applied correctly, will pay out future dividends on the time invested in its appropriation.

Jul 23 2010

Copy data from one table to another with the help of APIs

There are many requirements where data from One table needs to be copied to another. There are also various ways available. But there are some APIs which provide this functionality in very optimum way. e.g. JDEDM_LoadDSfromTableRecord, JDEDM_LoadTableRecordfromDS. Take example where one table contains 200 fields and due to interoperability one more table (Z-table) needs to …

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Jul 22 2010

Is windows directory structure reading possible in E1?

Directory reading is possible in E1 for Windows directories (./../Directory Name). There are some APIs and Header file available which can be used for reading the files/ child directories. The header file “IO.h ” has definitions and APIs which can be used for opening the Directory and also reading the files under that directory irrespective …

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Jul 22 2010

Applications/Forms with ”Transaction property” ON.

There are many standard Applications/Forms which are using standard ”Transaction property”. It is used for various important features e.g. maximum wait time before transaction get cancelled, Rollback functionality etc.

Jul 21 2010

Is a Report a “Subsystem Report”?

We all use some UBE as subsytem in JDE for various reasons. As we know these subsystem jobs have to started manually but many a times we run  UBE’s using jdeLaunchUBEEx API. What happens if we Launch a Subsytem UBE using  jdeLaunchUBEEx or what happens if we write a record in the subsystem master table …

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