Sep 12 2014

Information Security and Governance in ERP Implementation [Whitepaper]

Information is one of the most important assets of any organization. Hence it should be appropriately protected. Information needs to be available and accessible uninterruptedly for the smooth functioning of any organization. Information security describes activities that relate to the protection of information and information infrastructure assets against the risks of loss, misuse, disclosure or …

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Aug 27 2014

Email UBE’s output from within itself [How-To]

Did you know that you can send or email off a report’s output from within itself? Its easy, just a one time BSFN build, and then use it wherever you want.
The key to sending output as attachment is to retrieve the JOB Number (JOBN) of the batch job. Earlier days, we used to have a job being fired off from a Driver UBE (that way we get the job#), which would then pick up the report output and then email it as attachment. But then we had issues with passing in Interconnect values, or override Data selections etc. The latest addition is the BI Publisher, where you can have beautiful reports generated, and then emailed off.

Jul 12 2014

Record Reservation [Basic Code Tips]

Just posting basic code tips – vis a vis Standard Record Reservation (P00095) The Record reservation is used to lock records within an application so that none else would be able to modify it over at the same time, basically to retain data integrity. One can then release locked records using the standard application – …

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Jul 08 2014

Adding objects from one project to another project in OMW

Hello Pals, This post may come as a surprise to many, also this post may be naive. But believe it or not this helped many individuals on a daily basis and reduced considerable amount time. I know when people start reading this may feel .. oh no, com’on this is “day 1” stuff for JDE beginners. …

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Jun 29 2014

Embed HTML, Javascript codes into Interactive Applications

From the recent releases from Oracle (9.0 and up), it has been a little difficult to embed HTML pages and/or Javascript code into Interactive applications, e.g. to Open some URL on close/load, Print the page, or just to show content from some external URL/Feed etc. It just gives the error – A Script Injection has been …

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