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May 23 2010

Writing a P80010 Table Definition Browser App.

In OneWorld XE/8.0 days, we used to have an application – P80010 – Table Definition Browser Application. This application was of great help, as it showed the database fields in the Table, its indexes, the DD item name, description, the Data type of the field etc.
You can do the same in the Newer versions of EnterpriseOne too, with a very simple app as shown in the article.

Sep 10 2009

Using BSFN to Delete All Records from a Table

BSFN – B8000002 (Delete All Rows From Table) does a delete * from tablename. The B8000007 and the B8000002 business functions must be used together to delete all the rows in a table. They will not delete the table specifications or the physical table in the database. B8000007 must be called first to get the environment handle, with the handle only then B8000002 is able to delete all records from the specified table. B8000007 must be called again to free the handle.